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Kathy Abbott, IBCLC
Certified Lactation Consultant

Lectures & "The Curious Lactivist" Blog: 


As a frequent speaker at professional breastfeeding and childbirth conferences, Kathy uses her ability to weave humor and personal stories into her talks to make them more memorable.  Whether she is talking about the lessons she has learned from her own clients ("The Second Time Mother: Getting it Right") or examining the biological beginnings of breastfeeding ("The 9 Stages of Skin to Skin"), she keeps her talks fresh and real.  Continually curious, the topics that Kathy explores range from the scientific ("Breast Milk: the Original Probiotic") to the more topical ("Breastfeeding in the News: Framing the Debate").  It doesn't matter if she is examining the effect of institutional policies ("Going 'Baby Friendly' in New England"), or of more intimate interactions ("The Advantages of Comfort Feeding"); Kathy's talks always shine a new light on the subject!        

Kathy has recently presented at:

·         Boston Association of Childbirth Educators workshops

·         Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition Annual Conference

·         Regional La Leche League Conferences

·         "2010 International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Human Lactation Research and Breastfeeding Management" in Orlando, Florida

Kathy's favorite quote: "You don't really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."  Albert Einstein 
                                  (Presenting in Albany, N.Y.)

The following is a partial list of some of the talks she has given in the past: 

"Breast Milk: The Original Probiotic"

"The Second Time Mother - Getting it Right"
"Going Baby Friendly in New England"
"The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Scandinavia"
"The Advantages of Comfort Feeding"
"The Mechanics of Baby Led Latch"
"Breastfeeding in the News: The Media vs. The Science"

"Breastfeeding in the News: Framing the Debate"
"The 9 Stages of Skin to Skin"
"Creative Communtiy Outreach"
"Coalition Building"
"Mothering Through Breastfeeding"











































































































































"The Curious Lactivist"

From politics and science, to the mommy wars and celebrity baby gossip, breastfeeding makes its way into the news every day.  And whether we like it or not, all those carefully chosen headlines (“Breast vs Bottle,” “Breast Milk Push is Stressing Mums,” ”To Pump or Not to Pump”) frame the way we talk about breastfeeding.
  A scientific study titled “The Possible Role of Human Milk Nucleotides as Sleep Inducers” can soon became a headline that reads “Breast Milk Should Not Be Stored and Fed Later.” 

From stories about the ultra-supportive breastfeeding culture in Mongolia, where mother’s milk is praised for the strength it gives the growing baby (wrestlers boast about having been breastfed the longest!),  to the city councilwoman in New Jersey who stood and nursed her baby while arguing a point, to the woman who was fired from her job at a fast food joint in California for going out to her car during her break time to nurse her baby (her husband had brought the baby to her), the limits of what is and is not acceptable in our local society can be found in the daily news. 

In her blog "The Curious Lactivist," Kathy Abbott reminds breastfeeding advocates that it is important to listen to the conversation taking place around us.  We can’t change minds if we don’t hear and acknowledge the beliefs of others first.  

"The Curious Lactivist"
blog features:

Breastfeeding in the News: regular updates on media stories about breastfeeding from around the world.

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Essays: Read Kathy's personal favorite - "Wetness is Oportunity"  A reader comments:
"Thanks for this. This is a brilliant piece of writing from you. I just loved it. I also shared it with all the moms in my group."
Effath Yasmin - Mumbai India

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Hear what people are saying about Kathy's talks.

About "Breast Milk: The Original Probiotic:"

"Kathy Abbott has a fabulous talk.  She does immunology from a dirt-simple perspective...   I’ve heard the talk only once but would love to hear it again.  Great fun and very instructive..." 
                                    Diane Weissinger

"This was awesome, creative, concise, clever!"

"Science in layman's terms!"



"This was the best speaker of the day.  Kathy did a wonderful job of thouroughly presenting the topic with wonderful graphics.  It was great!"

"Excellent, my favorite!"

About "Baby Led Latch:"

"Kathy is a great storyteller and keeps the information interesting and fresh."

"Wow! information packed session. Got a lot out of this.  So informative, Kathy is a great speaker."

"Wow! Great session!  Nice combo of info, entertainment, audience participation & chocolate."

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